psychologist Urszula Sołtys-Para

About me

I am a psychologist and psychotherapist for children and adults. I graduated from Jagiellonian University of Cracow in 2003 (psychology, MA), later I trained in psychotherapy in Polish Milton H. Erickson Institute (complete course in Ericsksonian therapy and Postgraduate Course in Psychotherapy). I offer psychological treatment and consultations to individuals and families.

How do I work

As a psychotherapist I prefer integrative psychotherapy, which means that I use different therapeutic approaches, depending on the problem, patients’ needs and therapy goals. The most important approaches for me are systemic therapy (knowledge of family context while understanding patients’ disorders) and Ericksonian methods (future-orientation while accepting “here and now”, using metaphors and stories during therapy sessions and engaging patients’ imagination).
My work is regularly supervised.


I offer psychological treatment for patients suffering from different afflictions:

  • anxiety disorders, phobia, panic attacks
  • psychosomatic symptoms, constant pain
  • depression
  • anorexia, bulimia, eating disorders
  • support therapy for people willing to lose weight
  • therapy during infertility treatment
  • stress and the results of stress
  • sleeping disorders, sleeplessness
  • surviving mourning or the loss of others
  • personal crises
  • children’s emotional and behavioral disorders (family therapy)
  • other – please contact me if you have any question about therapy

Psychotherapy in English is available here – individual therapy and family therapy.


Privacy policy

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